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    The Owl English Corner

    Hi, I’m Karyme and am delighted to welcome you to The Owl English Corner; a Language School that leads the way where it comes to “Live” online learning in Europe, and more recently in Latin America.

    In more than 20 years of teaching English we came to the conclusion that traditional methods or teaching English weren’t sufficient enough to help our students digest English in a way that they could use it practically in their everyday lives; be it for work, studies or even for communication purposes whilst on holiday.

    Because of this we decided to re-invent the way that on-line language is taught by using innovative methods, offering personalized classes online with native-speaking teachers from different parts of the world, combining “live-learning” via Skype with our exclusive “Guest Teacher” methodology in order to create a richer end-user experience.

    If you’d like to learn to take control of English quickly then why wait any longer? This is just the solution you’ve been looking for….

    We offer a free lesson where you can try it out for yourself and see – no strings attached!

    * Learn from anywhere
    * At your own pace
    * By Computer, Tablet and even by Cel-Phone/mobile


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    With THE OWL ENGLISH CORNER’S exclusive method you will be introduced to teachers from different parts of the world to get used to hearing and understanding the various accents from different English countries. This will allow you to develop both your speaking skills and your pronunciation in less time and with fluency.

    Our methodology is completely personalized: lessons and materials are designed exclusively for you. By means of a previous evaluation, we outline lesson plans according to your needs, objectives and requirements integrating pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and English language conversation.



    It is proven that you learn in less than half time via Skype than in a classroom (face-to-face/in-person). These type of lessons force you to communicate in English from the first class because teachers are forbidden to speak in other languages.

    Due to the fact we do not use the video camera our students improve their listening skills since they cannot see the teachers’ gestures.

    In addition you can take advantage of the time saved by not being in a classroom with several students. You can have your lessons in your home, office or at any other place and at the time you prefer, saving you both time and money.



    Our classes are exclusively online to face-to-face, individual or group, in which you are assigned a Native Teacher who will guide you through the learning process following our exclusive GUEST TEACHER methodology.

    We designate the teacher and the method that best suit your needs, goals, personality and availability.

    Our group classes are for 4 to 5 students of the same level.

    Our programs are aligned to International Standards using Marco Común Europeo de Referencia para las Lenguas (MCER) or the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) from Levels 1 A1 to C2, which is regarded worldwide as the standard required for mastery of the language.



    We are a modern, different and exclusive alternative for those wishing to learn new languages.

    We do not focus exclusively on traditional learning methods. We use technology as a tool to deliver simple and effective learning techniques, as in the case of a Skype class where a student can concentrate more effectively and arrive at results in a greatly reduced time.

    Our classes are Visually effective as we try to recreate real life situations as best we can through Visual imagery.

    We pay attention to constructive correction and encourage the student to self-correct whenever and wherever we can, which greatly improves the learning curve – we learn by our mistakes… and our ability to correct them!

    Each Student is regularly evaluated and updated on his or her progress.

    Personalized attention and direct communication with the student.

    Our main goal is to provide fun and diverse classes while giving our students the motivations to learn more and learn better!

    Conversation with many corrections. We correct every mistake, absolutely ALL OF THEM!!!

    We also make use of the Chat Messenger Service in Facebook, where our teachers can address whatever doubts the student may be having, to further explain a point of grammar or meaning of a word, or even to provide alternative ways of saying things for example. This service is provided for both our students and the general public on a 24/7 basis*, all we ask is that you give us a “Like” on our fan page.

    *Some replies may take more than 24 hours given that we are global and that means differing time-zones.



    We offer a trial lesson to asses our teaching methodology via Skype, to test the English level for outlining lesson plans completely personalized according to the student’s needs, objectives and requirements. So then you can check if you like or not our lessons. This lesson is for free. If you are interested in, fill our form to meet one of our native teachers and discuss:

    – Your needs and language-learning goals and/or
    – Your interview and professional goals and
    – to appraise how we teach.

    But also after the second pack of lessons we start to gift you 1 lessons of 90 minutes each pack to check yourself how much you have learned in a group conversation lesson. *maximum 4 students.

    This is for free!


    are experts is online and face-to-face teaching methods. Typically they are professionally certified University Graduates or Third Level certified  (TEFL, TKT, TESOL, CELTA, etc), are native speakers eg. North Americans, Britons, Irishmen, Canadians, Australians, South Africans, or are bilingually fluent.

    They are diverse and flexible – working with a range of topics and methodologies: General English, Business English for Professionals, Tourism – Holiday Grammar and Vocabulary, Conversation, Children and Adolescents to Young Adults, Exam preparation and Certifications.

    The same applies for Spanish, French, Russian, Italian and German: we have the instructors and the instruction, with a range of teachers to pick from who are either fluent in, or Native Speakers of these respective languages.

    Our Teachers constantly re-train and are continuously re-evaluated in order to maintain the high levels of professionality required by our students.

    Our Mission is to make the learning experience both pleasant and fun with the “Human touch” applied and above all to help our students to speak with confidence, fluency and reach their goals!

    We have the best!


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    General English: Skills like grammar and vocabulary are the bricks and mortar that bind the language together – The building blocks! Reading, writing, speaking and listening – the method! Conversation and practice – the development (ability to listen and interpret is just as important as speaking!). All these ingredients mixed together – the formula for success!

    Putting these skills together allows us to build the strongest English “house” possible!

    Business English: Master the necessary vocabulary for successful phone and business calls, learn to communicate effectively, hold meetings, Business trips, negotiate a deal, give presentations.  In addition, learn to write (more) effective emails, letters, your CV or resumé, perfect those job interview skills!

    English for Professionals:  Courses aimed at professional development. these are tailored exclusively to the individual’s field of work or specialty and focuses on the necessary target vocabulary required and used in that Profession or Industry  (legal, medical, finance, hostelry, human resources, commerce, sales and purchasing, accounting, marketing and advertising, customer care, fashion industry, energy industry, logistics, cooking catering and reception for example).

    Travel English – for Tourism: Learn what you need quickly in order to be able to unwind and communicate effectively while on holiday

    English Conversations: attain the fluency you need in order to be able to understand and speak effectively – The art of communication!

    Fill our form to get a trial lesson to show you our method meeting one of our native teacher and discuss:
    – your needs and language-learning goals and/or
    – your interview and/or
    – your professional goals


    Children and Teenagers:

    Children from 8 to 13 years old: Learning capacity for students at this age is very high and for this reason we have put together a course that concentrates on Grammar and Vocabulary, pronunciation and writing in a fun and creative manner that is really effective produces excellent results in a relatively short period.

    Teenagers from 14 to 17 years old: with this age group our course focuses on the entire language skill set which is geared towards the student learning quickly and effectively in order to get a strong grip on the language. Accelerated learning that produces results!

    Fill our form to get a trial lesson to show you our method meeting one of our native teacher and discuss:
    – Child/Teenager needs and
    – Language-learning goals


    English for Companies:

    Program designed for Businesses wanting to train up their Workers quickly and effectively.

    Personalized attention and constant communication with the student.

    Free pre-evaluation screening of each student.

    Individual or Group Classes, online or face-to-face (face to face classes will take  place at the students’ home, workplace or otherwise designated location).

    We offer the best prices on the market!.

    Classes tailored to the Clients requirements and specifications.

    Progress updates for each student.

    Flexible timetable and time-saving via online classes; where time and place is more at the convenience of the student.

    Fill our form to get a trial lesson to show you our method meeting one of our native teacher and discuss:
    – your needs and language-learning goals and/or
    – your interview and/or
    – your professional goals


    Preparation for English Exams and Certifications:

    Get the best Grades in shorter time!

    Perfect the key areas being tested for in your exam via our online classes, increase your abilities and chances of success with our innovative classes, qualified teachers, personalized study plan, continuous feedback on your progress and various practice exams “that’ll help you master those nerves!”, giving you the experience and confidence needed to take and pass those exams. With us, not only will you reach your objective but what you’ve learned with us will also make a big impression on prospective employers and Further Educational Institutions alike.

    Exam coverage: TOEFL, IELTS, TOIEC, PTE, Cambridge Exams, BEC, Bulats, LCCI, Trinity, APTIS, STANAG: Military English exams for foreigners-, JFLT: Joint Forces Language Test, GRE, GMAT, IGCSE, SAT, ACT, MCAT and LSAT.

    Fill our form to get a trial lesson to show you our method meeting one of our native teacher and discuss:
    – your needs and language-learning goals and/or
    – your professional or academic goals


    Other Languages:


    General Spanish.
    Spanish Conversation.
    Business Spanish – Spanish for trade and work.
    Spanish Exams and certifications.

    We use a wide range of materials and specialized software in addressing the different areas to be tested in each exam certification such as SIELE, DELE, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, Cervantes, CELU, etc.


    General Italian.
    Italian Conversation.
    Business Italian – Italian for trade and work.
    Italian Exams and Certifications.

    We use a wide range of materials and specialized software in addressing the different areas to be tested in each exam certification such as: CELI (Certificazione della lingua italiana- certificación de italiano), CILS (Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera- Certificación de Italiano como idioma extranjero), AIL (Accademia Italiana di Lingua- Academia de la Lengua Italiana), PLIDA (Progetto Lingua Italiana Dante Alighieri- Proyecto Lengua Italiana Dante Alighieri), IT (Certificación Italiana), DITALS (Certificazione in Didattica dell’Italiano come Lingua Straniera- Certificación de enseñanza de italiano como idioma extranjero), CEDILS (Certificazione in Didattica dell’Italiano a Stranieri- Certificación de enseñanza de la lengua italiana a extranjeros), DILS-PG (Didattica dell’Italiano Lingua Straniera- Enseñanza de italiano como idioma extranjero), A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, etc.


    General French.
    French Conversation.
    Business French – French for trade and work.
    French Exams and certifications.

    We use a wide range of materials and specialized software in addressing the different areas to be tested in each exam certification such as DILF, el DELF, el DALF y el TCF (DILF – Diplôme Initial de Langue  Française, DELF – Diplôme d’études en langue française, DALF – Diplôme approfondi de langue française, TCF – Test de connaissance du français), A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, etc.


    General German.
    German Conversation.
    Business German – German for trade and work.
    German Exams and certifications.

    We use a wide range of materials and specialized software in addressing the different areas to be tested in each exam certification such as TELC, Certificado Goethe, Test DaF, KDE, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, etc.

    Fill our form to get a trial lesson to show you our method meeting one of our native teacher and discuss:
    – your needs and language-learning goals and/or
    – your interview and/or
    – your professional goals


    Conversation Classes:

    If you really want to gain fluency in spoken Language and lose the embarrassment you feel every time you speak, then one to one Conversation Classes or group Conversation Classes are perfect for you!

    Our lessons focus on your weaknesses, developing your vocabulary with context and practical usage, and fluency through a range of speaking activities that keep you involved in a meaningful discussion. All through open ended exercises, practical speaking and listening games, role plays, etc.

    Listening, developing responses and putting critical English thinking caps on are among the trending skills students get in our conversation lessons to communicate effectively. They need to communicate effectively with foreign friends, family, colleagues and/or clients.

    – to develop learners’ ability to engage in conversations on the wing and in association.
    – to give practice of natural speaking and listening.
    – to develop learners’ vocabulary of conversational skills.
    – to develop learners’ confidence in spoken communication.
    – to engage in discussion on everyday and casual topics.
    – to start a conversation.
    – to open and keep conversations going.
    – to ask open and closed questions.
    – to interrupt and end conversations appropriately.
    – to change the subject.
    – to ask questions to gain specific information.

    In just few months you will notice a big difference in your English!


    Interview Preparation:

    For preparing a job interview in English, our intensive Interview Preparation course has been designed to help you get the job!

    We know in interviews your job is to convince a recruiter that you have the skills, knowledge and experience for the job. So we train you to show motivation and convince a recruiter that you fit the organization’s culture and job description, and you get that much closer to an offer. We give you many good advice on how to speak, how to behave, how to answer difficult questions -that you wouldn’t know how to answer in your own language!-, how to manage the interview preparing it with questions and answers in advance and more interview preparation tips.

    Fill our form to get a trial lesson to show you our method meeting one of our native teacher and discuss:
    – your needs and language-learning goals and/or
    – your interview and/or
    – your professional goals



    • Due to my work it was urgent to learn English. Fortunately I found The Owl English Corner, talked to Karyme who explained me her methodology and her quick results, plus her many years of experience. So I realised that was what I was looking for. And the classes by internet are perfect because I save time on commuting. When I started, I was not able to express any complete sentence in English. Now I have an upper intermediate level of English that allows me to understand, to talk with my customers, to write emails without any problem. I recommend The Owl English Corner because their teachers follow a lesson plan tailored to me and reinforce this with good materials to learn faster. Guest Teachers method helped me to understand different accents and ways of speaking. This has helped me tremendously since I usually interact with clients of different nationalities.

      Rubén Sierra (Spain), 30 years old, Electronic Engineer.

    • After several years trying to improve my never ending English level of school, to spend time and money in private lessons, academies, and teachers by Skype, I almost lost the hope of ever being comfortable with English. But two years ago thanks to The Owl English Corner, I realized that I was not the problem -as I thought-, but I had not found the correct methodology and the right teachers. By meeting Karyme I realized the professionalism and dedication which she leads her school with, her exclusive methodology, her personalized lessons, diverse didactic and educational material which are unique! I wait with great expectation my lessons with the Guest Teachers because they are always very pleasant and fun. I enjoy them very much! In general each teacher is exceptional and they have helped me to reach my objectives in a very short time.

      Raquel Martin Quirce (Spain), 43 years old, General Manager

    • I attended the English course held by Karyme for 6 years since I was 11 years old. And I must say that I felt great and found myself very well especially for her teaching method. She used a lot of images, colors and diagrams to help me to really learn the most important grammar rules and vocabulary. But also using videos and audios to improve my listening skill therefore I was able to understand English. Her way of teaching English is excelent and suitable for any type of student from that one who wants to start learning English from basis to that one who wants to improve his/her Englihs level much more. And her best characteristic is that her classes are fun and the topics are always interesting. This motivated and pushed me a lot to speak in English 😉

      Gianluca Forcolin (Italy), 17 years old, Student

    • The most important thing is that in The Owl English Corner they know how to teach you English as it were your mother tongue. They use a unique methodology reinforced with very good didactic materials. Their eyes and ears are used 100%. They pay much attention to the pronunciation explaining you your lips position, how it has to sound and they are extremely patient with it. This transmits to the student a way of learning English in the most natural way possible. Now I understand the British accent that was very difficult to me before. I am always very excited when we focus on pronunciation. They also taught me alternative and common expressions that help me to understand the native British English. Now I can talk with a higher English level which helps to understand different topics.

      Olivia Barjas (México), 30 years old, Engineer

    • Tired of spending 6 years in an English school where they gave me a lot of grammar and vocabulary that I could not even practice talking in class because there were others who spoke more than me. So I decided to look for other teaching options and I met Karyme several years ago. I was struck by how detailed she is in the service she offers and her professionalism. Thus I started with her without hesitation. Moreover Skype lessons seemed to me the most comfortable way of learning. A year ago I left the classes due to maternity. But when I returned, I was pleased to see that Karyme now leads the Owl English Corner with greater impetus offering more schedules, more services and her Guest Teachers method is an outstanding success. With this method you can listen different accents and learn from different ways of speaking because you interact with different teachers. My husband says now people can understand me when I speak English!

      Maite Ceballos (Spain - Andalucia), 31 years old, Chemical Production Engineer

    • I was offered a good opportunity to work abroad but I did not know English and the worst thing was that I did not have much time to learn it. So I decided to try The Owl English Corner and its methodology that promises to make me speak in a short time. Just what I needed and it was like that! So, what I learned allowed me to understand and to communicate in order to work. As time goes by I continue improving. Now I can have a conversation without any problem. Thank you for the excellent service I have received and definitely this has given me bigger confidence at personal and professional level.

      Fabio Piovesan (Italy), 39 years old, Engineer

    • The English course is very efficient, it is easy to learn and very well structured too. The teaching materials are essential and perfect to complement my learning skills. Before I was not able to have a good conversation with anyone in English! And at the beginning also I thought that lessons through Skype (without seeing the teacher) were impossible. Actually learning by Skype is the best method to learn a language because it is a survival way of learning as if I were in a foreign country and the only option is to learn. I am really satisfied with the course. Karyme has been the only teacher who reached to teach me English and in a very short time.

      Monica Soligo (Italy), 36 years old, Accountant

    • The service offered is really professional. Teachers are prepared and willing. The system they use is a winner for anyone who needs to meliorate (or start from scratch) English through Skype and without video. The individual and group lessons are developed taking into account the English level of each student and you can see your improvements immediately. Lessons are never boring thanks to the intervals of videos and audios that keep you very focused paying close attention to them. The price is the best for the high-quality service you get. It is highly recommended for any need, from simple conversations to the suitable preparation in business English to be applied to your work, finance, economics, laws, etc.

      Laura Nestorini (Italy), 29 years old, Lawyer

    • I was delighted with the English classes I received, although I had to leave them for professional reasons. I want to continue having them with The Owl English Corner. I learned a lot during the months I took the classes because they are very professional. Many thanks to Karyme and her team, for their classes, their method of learning, their professionalism, and their patience. I recommend it 100%.

      Maria Gil Rogado (Spain), 33 years old, Lawyer


    Do you have any doubt or question? Write us here and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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